Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work as an independent contractor for startups and companies such as Rorus Inc., Spencer Krause & Associates, Grain Eyewear, and mainly Dick’s Sporting Goods. Working across the different markets that each company caters to has allowed me to flex my industrial design muscles while continuing to expand my knowledge of up and coming design fields.

At Rorus Inc. I am actively involved in prototyping life-saving water filters meant for use in disaster relief zones or other areas with poor water sanitation. Meanwhile my job responsibilities with Grain Eyewear include everything from eyewear design, production optimization, prototyping, and working directly with factories. On the more digital side, working with Spencer Krause & Associates has allowed me to gain more experience designing user interfaces for medical workflow management software.

As a contractor for Dick’s Sporting Goods, I have gotten the opportunity to work with several of their designers on products that span both the soft goods and hard goods realms. Projects can involve tasks such as developing first-concept ideas until they are ready for prototyping, preparing point of purchase in-aisle product renders, concept rendering, spec-packages, or product iteration sketches.

For proprietary reasons I cannot display most of the work I have done for my clients on this page, but if you'd like to know more, feel free to contact me!