The Range Rover Headphones is a multi-step project focused on understanding brand language and styling, and designing products to fit within a brand's family. In this project, I researched the Range Rover L405's history, developed a consumer persona, and designed a pair of headphones that capture Range Rover's subtle geometry and elegant aesthetic.


To understand the rich details of Range Rover's brand and consumer base, Sebrand Warren, Abby Frankola, Uriel Eisen and I worked as a team to examine factors such as its current representation in the media and popular culture, its company ethos, price range and customers. Later on, we studied the Range Rover L405's lines, volume, geometric breakdown, technology and aesthetic details, to inform our future product designs. Based on the research information, I created a "Bay Area Product Developer/Manager" persona, which helped me narrow the choice of product to redesign.


Final Design

The final design is a pair of Bluetooth headphones that capture the essence of the Range Rover L405's gentle slopes, trapezoidal geometry, materials, and detailing.  The images below show the physical prototype and Solidworks renders of the final design.