Pet Sore Fire Extinguisher

This project centers on deriving a product's form from the environment it lives in. I designed a fire extinguisher for a big-box pet store. For the final design, I drew inspiration from the playful, childlike branding of store like PetSmart, and the aesthetic of common pet toys. I took considered theextinguisher's visibility and location in a store full of colorful products.  

The proposed fire extinguisher would be a clean agent extinguisher; eliminating the problem of cleaning up aisles full of fire extinguishing foam. Rather than on a wall, the fire extinguisher should be mounted on a column, centered in the store, and marked with a ring-shaped sign high above. To discharge the extinguisher, the user would rotate the canister to unlock it, and squeeze the handle. 


Production Art | Resin Vessels

The goal of this project is to design an object that incorporates and showcases a material unfamiliar to me, and to develop and refine a fabrication process for recreating the work several times.

Inspired by the work of industrial designer Ethan Frier, I experimented with casting different organic materials in resin. I went through many sketch iterations to narrow in on a form that would combine the casted resin with different woods for color and contrast. All three vessels were made simultaneously to maintain consistency.

The final materials are various types of flowers and grass, high density foam, polyester resin, mahogany, poplar, walnut, and woodworm affected ash wood.


Flowform Salad Tongs

The Flowform Salad Tongs are meant to draw function out of their form by using only simple fair curves that weave ergonomics into the shape.


Four-Board Reading Stool

A small reading stool designed to hold a book, and highlight through its form the characteristics of the book it houses. Based on A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin, I decided to convey the qualities of strength, pride, and nobility shown by the royal families of the story by leaning towards designs that would stand tall and look combative, but refined.


Moon Tile

The Moon Tile project is a 2D and 3D representation of "tidal braking"; the phenomenon by which the gravitational pull of the Moon on the Earth's waters slows the Earth's rotation, while simultaneously accelerating the Moon's orbit around the Earth, and moving it farther away from our planet. The final 2D representation, along with its 3D counterpart will be sent to the moon as part of the "Moon Arts Project" led by professors at Carnegie Mellon University.