Scope is an Arduino-powered radio inspired by the navigation compass. It is an exercise in designing unique and fun ways to interact with common products. I designed and built the form, wrote the code, and wired the components to make Scope a working radio.  


The idea for this radio began from thinking about children's shape-sorting toys, and creating a radio that used the geometric shapes as volume and channel controls. Subsequent sketches of a cube fitting inside an octagonal hole reminded me of a compass rose, and pushed me to pursue the compass as the basic concept of this radio.

Scope plays 4 different radio stations each corresponding to the music styles and industries of the North, South, East and West of the United States. Unlike traditional radios, Scope does not have any knobs or buttons. Instead, the user manipulates the entire radio's form to turn it on or off, to turn the volume up and down and to change stations.

If you want to check out the radio's Arduino code, or make one of your own, click on the link below!

Scope Arduino Code